Christ Church is more than a wedding venue but also a place to belong.

Congratulations on your engagement; some very exciting and happy times to be shared as a couple lay ahead of you. There are lots to think about and one of the first things you may want to think about are your wedding venue – where and when will you get married?

Weddings at ChrisTCHURCH

We kindly welcome enquiries from couples who would like to get married in Stamford at Christ Church. While we may not be an older church with the ‘dream’ wedding setting, we are still a perfect church to be married in.

We are a friendly, welcoming and homely church and those couples that have married at Christ Church have found us to be the perfect setting for their wedding and for celebrations afterwards as we open to the main hall. We are able to offer the wedding and wedding reception in Stamford all under one roof, which is not always possible with older churches.

Churches are special places and there are some things about a church wedding that you just can’t get anywhere else. Christ Church is more than simply a venue for your wedding, it will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage as you will be getting God’s blessing on your very special day.

During your church wedding in Stamford you will make amazing vows and promises in a church and these vows will be made in front of those that you love and those that love you to create a beautiful moment and memories for many.

Reverend Nikki will play a very particular role in your wedding day as she will blend ancient tradition and modern experience to reflect your story. She will speak with you and your partner to create a wedding service that is personal, memorable, meaningful and beautiful. You and your partner will also be involved in making choices about your ceremony.

For some people a church simply feels like the proper place to get married as it is a serene and peaceful place that has the atmosphere they imagine for their wedding.

If you would like to marry at Christ Church then please contact the Church Office, or alternatively if you live in the parish and are marrying somewhere else, we would be pleased to read your banns in Stamford at Christ Church.