StartaFresh has been created for people that may have encountered a crisis in their lives, those that have mental health challenges, learning disabilities, and or find themselves socially disadvantaged or excluded along with those that feel isolated or lonely within society.


Our members attend our different StartaFresh groups and each group has 10-18 members in each session. Anyone over the age of 18 years old that lives in Stamford or local surrounding areas is welcome to join us. We operate an open-door policy to anyone in our community that feels socially disadvantaged or excluded. Our StartaFresh befriending group in Stamford takes place three times a week on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays; from 1pm-3pm.  There is a programme of upcoming events and activities at the beginning of each term so you know what to expect. StartaFresh runs in term times only.


The aims and objectives of StartaFresh are to treat everyone with dignity and respect, to provide a safe place for members where they feel they belong and to encourage whole person well being. We aim to provide general pastoral and befriending support for adults who have encountered a crisis in their lives or find themselves socially excluded or disadvantaged in any way. Through StartaFresh we aim to provide a mentoring and befriending service to members and help our members to build self-esteem and to move forward in their lives, while working towards a more autonomous lifestyle. We aim to help members with learning and development opportunities and we work in partnership with other service providers to help us achieve the best outcomes for members.