The Day Centre is currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.  We hope to re-open in some way as soon as we are able.


Our Day Centre is for people in our community aged 65 years old and over. The group meets every Wednesday between 10am and 2.30pm at Christ Church and through our Car Scheme we are able to offer transport to and from the group for those living in Stamford.


The mornings are spent enjoying a cup of tea and having a chat with other members and our volunteers, a nutritional lunch is then offered, followed by a very yummy dessert.

We always offer word searches, puzzles and games through the morning.  We also offer a monthly Holy Communion prayer service, which you can choose to go to if you wish. After lunch there is an hour for entertainment; this be a variety of things each week and can include, singing, dancing, quizzes, talks and bingo. Our exciting session ends with tea, cake and more chatting.  We also offer tea dances which we find our members enjoy thoroughly.


The cost to attend the Day Centre is £12 each Wednesday including transport within Stamford if required.


Our aim at the Day Centre is to enrich our members’ wellbeing by providing them with a place to belong. A place where they feel valued, respected, safe, welcomed, cared for and loved. We know how damaging loneliness can be to a person’s health and this is why we help people feel less isolated.


Members enjoy attending the Day Centre every Wednesday. It is a place where they feel like they are part of the family and they can relax, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.


While we welcome everyone to the Day Centre, we do ask that those joining us are able to care for themselves as we are unable to provide personal care. If you would like to join us please contact us directly and we would be happy to talk to you.

“I often feel lonely at home, but not here.” 


—  Quote from attendee