Closure of Christ Church Transport Scheme

It is with regret that Christ Church Stamford has closed its Community Transport Scheme as it has become financially unsustainable. 


The Scheme was established to help elderly people in the area with transport and the majority of journeys were to get to medical appointments.  The Scheme was very popular, with a team of volunteer drivers managing the journeys, many of whom were over the age of 70, and over time we have struggled to meet the number of requests.   


Members paid a small monthly fee to help cover the running costs of the scheme, including the minibus and wheelchair car. Whilst the scheme was not set up to make a profit it no longer covers the running costs and the bus has now been sold. Members have been refunded any fees owing to them.  We have kept the wheelchair car and we hope to utilise it for the benefit of the community.


Christ Church are committed to serve and we are now developing an new scheme called Anchored in which we will continue to support our community, including the elderly and vulnerable.