Stamford Youth Panel

Stamford Youth Panel is a group of representatives from across the secondary schools in the town. They aim to act as a voice for young people, elaborating on views and opinions and trying to shape the way the town progresses. They are a group of 11-18 year olds who are ambitious, role models, and full of drive.


Compared to last year, Stamford Youth Panel are in a great position; we now have representatives from both Queen Eleanor School, and Stamford School, in addition to Stamford High School members starting their first meetings after the Easter break. This allows the panel to focus the work which they are doing on a much wider scale, targeting not only Stamford, but the surrounding areas (with many students at SES commuting to school).

We have worked on empowering the youth panel to take ownership of the group they are part of by electing themselves into roles as follows:

Chairperson – Joe Corby
Vice-Chairperson – Harry  Parker
Secretary  – George Dewson
Vice-Secretary –  Robbie Curtis
Campaigns Coordinator – Zak Spriggs
Media and Social Media Officer – Makayla Taplin
Fundraising Officer  – Amelia Dodge
Vice-Fundraising Officer – Alex Jeffries
Training Officer – George Dewson
Vice- Training Officer – Leah Pumpr
Membership Recruitment Officer – Matt Kew


One of the biggest things which the youth panel have been working on is campaigning. Together, the youth panel shortlisted ideas of issues surrounding young people in Stamford that they believed could be changed with their help. Ideas included smoking, lack of activities for young people, and better communication between schools. In the end, the majority voted to take further an Anti-Bullying Campaign. In line with our roles on the panel, Zak and Joe are heading up the campaign which is due to launch shortly after the Easter break.


The panel are in the process of creating resources and publicity which they can use to broadcast their campaign. They are working on methods they can use to branch out into schools and tell Stamford pupils their story and how they can do their bit to stop bullying. The campaign is going to be a huge success for the panel, and will allow them to begin networking with organisations and to work closer with schools, whilst raising the profile through the media and social networks.


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