What is Teenzone?
Teenzone is a youth service set up by Christ Church in Stamford. We engage with young people aged between 9-19 by providing somewhere safe, welcoming and enjoyable. We work to provide opportunities to those who are disadvantaged, or at risk of being so. By furthering the opportunities available to young people, we can help to shape the life they lead in the future.

Who runs Teenzone?
Teenzone is managed by one youth service coordinator who oversees one youth support worker and a group of 15 volunteers, in addition to ten young volunteers to are chosen to further their personal development and build their confidence. We employ a dance practitioner through funding to deliver our dance sessions.

How long has Teenzone been running?
Teenzone has been running since 2007, when Christ Church opened five social outreach projects, one of which is us.

Are policies and procedures in place at Teenzone?
Yes – policies and procedures and written and then approved by Christ Church, who have the overall responsibility of the Teenzone programme.

Does Teenzone conduct fire drills?
Yes – Teenzone conducts fire drills quarterly with the intention to ensure all staff are competent at moving all young people out of the building efficiently and in as fast time as possible.

Is a register taken at Teenzone?
Yes – a register is taken at every Teenzone or Teenzone-associated session and we always know who is in the building. From this, we draw details out to realise trends in attendance for young people, and also for different parishes in Stamford and the surrounding areas. We also use these attendance figures to draw up reports whereby we can compare previous years with the current.

What are the hygiene standards for Teenzone?
Teenzone has yearly food hygiene inspections whereby we obtained a 4-star rating at the most recent. We are due an inspection soon.

How does Teenzone ensure hygiene is paramount in the basement?
Teenzone completes a cleaning rota every session in both the kitchen and the main room. Whilst it is not always possible to do a thorough clean due to tight timetabling, we endeavour to leave the basement as we find it ready for any other groups to use it.

Does Teenzone have good relationships with other organisations?
Teenzone ensures we are in regular contact with organisations which we work closely with. Our relationships with outside organisations is paramount to the success of Teenzone, and therefore we nurture these with care.

Does Teenzone promote Christian faith in young people?
Teenzone serves as a ‘place to belong’, providing a safe, mutual, and enjoyable atmosphere for young people. We believe in nurturing those who are neglected, disadvantaged or lacking the sense of identity. Whilst we do not conduct religious sessions, we encourage that young people who are interested in exploring the Christian faith do so at Christ Church, and hope that we can set up alternative sessions to Teenzone, in which we can direct those young people who DO want to, to go.

By doing so, we can continue to provide the nurture which meets the needs of young people, which encouraging those who feel the desire to learn more to do so.

How many young people are registered at Teenzone?
Teenzone has registered over 700 young people since it opened in 2007 – a great achievement. In 2012, 350 young people registered with Teenzone. On average, we get between 40 and 50 young people attend café sessions; 50-70 attend sports every Monday. On Mondays we engage with over 100 young people a night. We are now introducing our dance group which we hope will heighten the number of young people the Church engages with each week.