Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

Our vision is to contribute to a World where every young person has the opportunities to better themselves through opportunities regardless of the obstacles which face them.

Our mission

To value young people at face value, and provide them with the opportunity to gain experiences and skills (physical and social) to equip them for later life.

In pursuing our mission we seek to:

Provide a Place to Belong
We endeavour to ensure that young people feel valued, appreciated and safe.

Enable Young People
We seek to enable all young people to leave Teenzone activities feeling better about themselves than they did when they arrived.

Empower Young People
We believe we have the ability to empower young people to make a difference themselves.

Our values

We deliver our mission by keeping our values at the heart of our organisation:

Passion – ensuring staff and volunteers which we recruit love what they do.
Chance – believing every young person is entitled to good youth provision
Safe – creating safe spaces where staff, volunteers and young people are safe.
Belonging – every young person who attends Teenzone should feel valued and appreciated.
Equality – regardless of background, everyone deserve a chance to better themselves.