Stamford is a fine, stone-built town in south Lincolnshire, where the county joins Northamptonshire, Rutland and Cambridgeshire. The town is surrounded by its own historical, religious and architectural wonder. Alone in its magnificence, it unfolds as a series of winding roads, lined with buildings of local stone, mainly of the Medieval and Georgian periods, appearing to await the nobility and the highwaymen, as was the custom in bygone years.

Proclaimed ‘the finest stone town in England’, Stamford does not fail in providing a present-day view of its glorious past. With the spires and towers of its many churches appearing round every corner, it reveals something of the importance Stamford once held as a religious centre.

The facades of commercial outlets remain ornate and decorative, whilst offering modern services and facilities with good old fashioned hospitality. And winding its way through the town, the River Welland provides scenic views across the Meadows and the centre itself, before flowing past the estate of Burghley House.

A short walk eastwards from the town centre brings you to the parkland surrounding Burghley House, described as the largest and grandest Elizabethan house remaining in England. The mansion with its landscaped gardens and extensive grounds is the finest example of how natural and man-made beauty act as one in this remarkable town. This is the venue of the annual Burghley Horse Trials.