After the Second World War many new houses were built in the Drift Road area to the north of Stamford town centre. In 1959 the Diocese of Lincoln proposed to build a new mission church to serve this new area of the town.

A site was selected in Willoughby Road and a large wooden hut was built. This was originally dedicated as ‘Christ Church’ in 1961 and was the daughter church to St Michael’s. When St Michael’s was closed the following year, Christ Church was affiliated to St John’s Church.

For the next ten years the hut in Willoughby Road served a dual purpose. As well as a church for regular worship it was used to serve the community in a diversity of ways during the week. It provided a home for uniformed young people’s groups as well as the Churchwomen’s Guild and the newly formed Day Centre which provided fellowship for the elderly housebound.

In 1972 Christ Church became a conventional district within the Parish of St John the Baptist. In 1975 the Diocese felt the need for a permanent building which could become a parish church in its own right. Local architect Vic Chamberlain was appointed by the Parochial Church Council and the Diocese to design a new church centre on the old Stamford Water Company site in Green Lane which had been recently acquired.

By selling some land at Willoughby Road the PCC raised sufficient funds to build Stage One which is the flat roofed part of the building. This was completed in 1978.

The Diocese soon gave permission for the work to Stage Two; the construction of the main church on top of the redundant water tank. This was a creative response to difficult site conditions. Engineers made rigorous tests to ensure that the tank was strong enough to form the foundations to the new church. The old tank now forms the Access and Learning Centre below the main body of the church.

Stage Two was completed on 12 October 1979 when this new building became the main centre for worship and the many other activities that serve our local community. On 1 November 1992 Christ Church became a formal parish and the new centre was consecrated in March of the following year by the Bishop of Lincoln, The Rt Revd Robert Hardy. The completed church centre is now the home of a lively church family. Over 1,000 people now regularly use the building each week which is open every day to meet the needs of all ages within the community.

Christ Church Parish has a population of approximately 4,000 in a geographical area which extends from Drift Road in the East and to the Little Casterton Road in the west.