Day Centre

The Day Centre has 50 members who are elderly and housebound. Established over forty years ago by Christ Church this is supported by regular volunteers from the church and the wider community. Meeting on a Wednesday members are collected from their homes and given a hot cooked meal at the Centre, prepared on the premises in our catering kitchen by a team of four volunteer cooks.

Members are provided with entertainment each afternoon followed by a welcome cup of tea and cake before being taken home again mid afternoon.

For many members this is their only social interaction of the week and provides essential fellowship and a real sense of being a valued member of the community. We have a close working relationship with our local schools, the Bluecoat Primary School and the Queen Eleanor Technology College. Pupils and students variously entertain or serve our members.

The Day Centre meets 45 weeks per year and involves 40 volunteer helpers, drivers and cooks. Funding for the centre comes from membership fees but these are kept to a minimum by support from local commerce, Cummins Generator Technologies and local charitable trusts.

For more details please contact Catrina Batey on 07949 605217