Bear the Prayer Dog


Bear prayer

Bear The Prayer Dog

Meet Bear the Airedale Terrier and newly commissioned Christ Church Prayer Dog.  Bear is owned by our Children’s and Youth Walker, Lel.  We believe he is the very first prayer dog , certainly for the Lincoln Diocese anyway!

You might meet Bear, Lel and our Vicar, Nikki, out and about in the parish every Wednesday morning.

This now means that Bear walks around the parish with Nikki and Lel as they pray for all of our community, covering the parish with a blanket of prayer. They pray for certain situations and people and give thanks for God’s provision.   Whilst out we can engage with many people who are out and about as they are drawn to Bear’s cute looks and character.  There have been some great conversations with people and they will actively pray for them in the street upon request – hence our slogan “Paws for Prayer!”  We all have different ways of praying so if a spoken prayer doesn’t suit, we offer ‘every pat of Bear is a prayer’ so just stroking him and connecting silently is all that is needed.

Bear has visited the local school, Bluecoat Primary to tell them how and why Christians pray.  As you can imagine he was very popular.

Connecting with people via Bear the Prayer Dog is exciting, wonderful  and putting smiles on faces, reaffirming the message that we are loved and valued  by God wherever and whoever we are!  If you see him out and about do come and say hello.